Pyramids are one of the most beneficial healing crystals to have in your home. What exactly are Bijou Auraful crystal points? They are very powerful for manifestation, helping to manifest your dreams, wishes and intentions much faster. Placing a crystal point in your space is like adding a pillar of light, as they radiate pure light. We recommend placing your crystal points on a windowsill, where they can catch the sunlight and stream rainbows throughout your space! They are also wonderful crystals to have in your sacred space, alter or meditation space, as they help to cleanse, reenergize and raise the vibration of your space. Crystal points have also been used to help with depression, given their natural light-emitting characteristics.

We go through thousands crystals healing crystals to find the ones with the highest vibration, purest clarity and best quality. Coming from Brazil, these crystal points are some of the most exquisite we have ever seen. The clarity and quality of each crystal quartz point is unreal, each having very special and unique qualities. We were able to find a great selection of Quartz crystal points, Citrine Points, Phantom Crystals and even a few Manifestation Crystals—and they handpicked each and every one of these. Each of these natural crystal points is truly one of a kind, many of them having vibrant rainbows throughout the crystal. We handpick each and every one of our crystal points, making sure you are getting the highest possible quality and, in turn, a transformative experience to enjoy every day!

If you are looking to make crystal grids in your home, to manifest your intentions faster, try placing a crystal point in the center of your grid! Placing this crystal over your written intention ensures that your intention if being constantly put out into the universe, even when you aren’t thinking about it. Shop our selection of crystal points and choose the one’s you are most attracted to! Keep in mind, you must shop quickly before your favorite healing crystals are snatched up by someone else! Each one of our crystal points are unique in terms of light prism, size, color and more – find yours today